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About us - Restoration Essence | Natural Eczema Skin Care

Restoration Essence is an award-winning natural skincare company that  uses natural ingredients in our products to stop skin inflammation, eczema flare-ups and to protect your sensitive skin. 

We are a direct extension to our headquarters in Singapore. 

Started by Sara Soong and Jarrod Wong, 2 individuals with big dreams, Restoration Essence was founded upon the need for all-natural, safe, chemical free skincare solutions. 

Over the years, endless thought, research and planning have been put into realizing this dream of ours where we can freely pursue our passion for all things natural.

In a world where many things are artificial and tend to do more harm than good, we want to make a difference. 
If you’re tired of all the heavily marketed products out there which contain additives, preservatives and a whole list of similar ingredients, you will find respite here.